As an actor, I do a fair amount of voiceover/narration as well.  Yes, that’s acting!   But of a very specific kind as it takes an additional set of skills beyond being able to inhabit a character (or in most cases, characters – plural).

Right now I’m in the thick of my latest book narration – Fool’s Experiments by Edward M. Lerner.  Not to give anything away, but quoting from the book jacket  –

Something far nastier than any virus, worm, or Trojan-horse program is being evolved in laboratory confinement by well-intentioned but misguided researchers.  When their artificial life form escapes onto the internet ….

An interesting read, to be sure.  Can’t wait to see how the protagonist, Doug Carey – himself a technology researcher developing the prototype of a promising neural-interfaced prosthetic device – battles this new threat to his project, neural interface technology and so much more.

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