One more from being a shut-in for a few days.

Vineyard:     Stone Cellars
Wine:           Chardonnay
Vintage:       2008
Appellation: California
Price:          $12.49 (Magnum)
Notes:         Heavy duty apple aromas with apple and lemon flavors on the palate.  When I paired it with a meal, I found a pleasing addition of spiced peaches.  Good acidity with medium viscocity.  It is simple, approachable, and easy to drink.  I think it’s a good party wine for a picnic or a group of folks just looking to relax and socialize.  Stands up to food nicely, but it wouldn’t be my choice for the “foodie” crowd [if I ever entertained that crowd].

Important:  I am not a professional sommelier or wine connoissuer.  I have taste buds, however, and know what I like.  Please do not consider my thoughts to be an endorsement or diminution of any particular wine.  You should always judge for yourself as likes, dislikes, and taste are very subjective.

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