Actually, it’s Supersense: Why We Believe In The Unbelievable – a book by Bruce M. Hood.  I’ve just begun reading this, and it looks very intriguing. 

Mr. Hood is Director of the Bristol Cognitive Development Centre in the Experimental Psychology Department at the University of Bristol.  He has also been a research fellow at Cambridge University and University College London, a visiting scientist at MIT and a faculty professor at Harvard. 

As a result, he takes a scientific but very interesting and insightful look at the working of the human mind (brain) and it’s affect on our beliefs in the supernatural (in the broadest sense of that term).  Briefly, Mr. Hood says of his book

In the vein of Blink, I explore how we may be pre-wired with a mind design that creates our SuperSense that shapes our intuitions and superstitions and is essential to the way we learn to understand the world and in binding us together as a society.

Click on the cover photo at right to learn more about the book and Bruce Hood.

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