My newest narration project is the book Dark Reflections by Samuel R. Delany.

I’m told that it was originally given to another narrator at the studio where I work who asked that it be reassigned because there were “too many names.”  Ha!  Too many names my tuckus!  He somehow managed to turn the book back in just when he ran into the dialogue in Russian.  Names?  No, Russian scared him away.  There are a number of names – past, present, and fictional characters – referenced in the text as well.  But a little work in the reference library never hurt a good narrator.

It’s OK.  His loss.  It’s an interesting book.  The Library of Congress synopsis reads:

Disillusiond, gay, African American poet Arnold Hawley looks back over periods of his life including semiretirement, time spent eking out a meager living in New York City’s East Village, and 1950s college era. 

The book contains some strong language and some adult situations, so this isn’t a book for children.  But Samuel R. Delany puts together a fascinating tale.  His prose is top-notch.  His dialogue is natural and honest.  I’m glad this book came my way.  I don’t think I’d have run across it otherwise.  And I promise to work  to get the Russian right.

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  1. Dear Joe Pecj–
    Thanks for the generous words. Do try to remember, however, that it’s “Delany” and not “Delaney.” Best wishes, much gratitude,, and thanks again.

  2. And now I see that a slipped finger mangled your own name–Pecj! That’s irony for you. But the good feelings are sincere.

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