I’m not talking telephone calls here.  [OK, I just lost some of you who weren’t around before cell phones.  Sorry.]

BUT — Do you ever feel like you’re just wandering around this earth DOING things like a good automaton? 

What I mean is that living in a busy urban area, it seems like we can miss some of the connections – mano a mano – that are [should be?] such an integral part of being human.  I admit, a few people are really good at the interpersonal connections.  But many of us get SO busy (and there are plenty of good things that make us busy) that it’s really hard to just be a mensch for a minute or two. 

I’m not suggesting that old chestnut that we need to slow down or take it easy.  And I’m not talking about religion.  That really is another subject entirely.  I’m talking about just going through a daily routine.  I think that we miss opportunities to make a connection with people around us because it makes it easier to just move on to the next task. 

After all, we’re trained to be task oriented.  By our culture.  By our education system.  By our peers.  So we keep on moving, and we don’t take that quick second to allow for something beyond perfunctory niceties to pass between us and those around us as we go on our way from one “to do” to the next. 

It’s no wonder we have speed dating and online dating services that  help us find a mate.  Not that those are bad things, either.  I’m just saying …. people managed to find eachother in the past without those labor-saving aids. 

Understand, I’m thinking out loud here.  I’m not  telling anyone what they should or shouldn’t be doing.  Heck, I’ve got too much work to do on myself to start in on someone else.  But it doesn’t hurt to ponder these things.  Does it?

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