I have just begun narrating the fiction novel, The Last Witness, by Joel Goldman.

I haven’t really gotten very far in yet, but I am a sucker for a good murder mystery.  So I am really enjoying it a lot.  I like the characters Mr. Goldman has created, the interesting and complicated interpersonal connections among those characters, and the excitement in the action and confrontation that grabs you right from the start.

Released in 2003, the book jacket describes the story as follows:

Kansas City trial attorney Lou Mason is back … and this time, it’s personal.  Hired to defend the accused murderer of local lawyer and political fixer Jack Cullan, he finds himself putting everyhting on the line to exonerate none other than his friend and menotr, ex-cop Wilson “Blues” Bluestone, Jr.

With private files that rivaled those of J. Edgar Hoover, Cullan had the goods on any number of Kansas City high-rollers, from Mayor Billy Sunshine on down.  But the homicide detective on the case has it in for Blues, who faces the death penalty if he’s convicted.  DIgging deeper, Mason unearths the kind of secrets someone will do anything to keep.  And as he closes in on a desperate killer who’s leaving a bloody trail through very high places, Mason may be setting himself up as the next target …

I’m looking forward to seeing how this story ends.  But I will resist the urge to flip to the last page and read ahead.

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  1. Joe, I’m glad you are enjoying my book and that you are resisting every reader’s impulse to peek at the ending of a mystery. I’m curious about the narration you are doing. Who’s that for?

  2. Joe, I was hoping that what you would say. My 93 year-old, visually impaired aunt who lives in Miami suggested this and her local library and provider of audio books took up the cause. I’m excited to tell her that you are recording the book. She’ll be thrilled to finally be able to listen to one of my books.

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