As you may have deduced from my last post, I have been chewing on a new song – trying to find the right refrain/hook for this particular beastie.  Now I want to be clear that I am a novice songwriter.  So what I do is probably not what the real pros do.  Nonetheless, it may be interesting to some folks who are in the same boat – or a similar boat.

Where do YOU get your best spurts of inspiration?  The beach?  The country?  At your kitchen table with a good cup of coffee?  Driving?  I have to fess up here, that I get many (not all, of course) spurts of inspiration in the shower.  Yep, that’s right.  In the shower.   No, I don’t take showers ten times a day to try to kick-start the creative process.  Still, it surprises me how often in the midst of undertaking my cleansing ritual, I have a sudden “aha” moment.   I think it might be because I am doing something so mundane and completely rote that my mind is free to just do it’s thing.   You know, the body is busy which gets all of it’s needs out of the way and clears the deck for the brain to just wander and ponder. 

And, yes, I got a little nugget today — in the shower — which may go a long way to helping me solve my conundrum over the refrain for my new song.  The song isn’t finished yet, but I definitely made some significant strides in that direction as a result of today’s shower.  Isn’t that crazy?!

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