Sheriff of Hangtown is the title of the current book on my reading list.  This is a two-story volume consisting of “Sheriff of Hangtown” and “Outlaw’s Hideout.”   Both stories are novella size, so that brings the book in at 253 pages total.

If you’re a big western fan, this book should be enjoyable for you.   Diverting stories, engaging characters.   I’ll admit that, although I was born in the Southwest, the western novel isn’t necessarily what I gravitate to when reading for my own pleasure.  On the other hand, as an actor these characters give me plenty to work with as far as accents and use of vernacular.  And that keeps me on my toes because Mr. Paine peppers the narrative as well as the dialogue with Western flavor. 

In brief: The title story, “Sheriff of Hangtown,” has lawman Wesley Potter of Hangtown, CA vowing to find out who killed horse rancher Dick Ruffin and why.  In “Outlaw’s Hide-Out” fugitive bank robber Hap Thompson risks his freedom to save the life of a young woman thrown from a horse during a storm near his hiding place in the wilds.

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