I recently had to take a road trip to take care of some family business.  The trip was a long one – about 1,000 miles.  While I don’t really enjoy that kind of road trip – especially since I was driving it alone – it did allow me quite a bit of time for reflection.

I am happy to say that I used some of that time to ponder song ideas.  Obviously, I wasn’t really writing songs while I was driving.  Couldn’t exactly pull out the guitar in the driver’s seat.  But I did get quite a few good  ideas for songs.  It was great because they would just sort of pop up into my head as I was ruminating on something else.  I’m not going to share all those ideas here now because they are just in the kernel of an idea stage.  But I will – as I write the songs – indicate when they are done that they came from this road trip. 

So, hopefully I’ll have those updates here in the not-too-distant future!

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