Today I got the chance to reprise my role in Open Circle Theatre’s cabaret show titled “Is Anybody Out There?”

The show was originally part of the 2009 DC Fringe Festival.  At that time we had a full cast of 8 performers.  This time we cut that down to 3 – Joe Peck, Scott Sedar & Will Mincey – in large part because it was a daytime show.  Some cast members were on travel, some couldn’t miss their “day job,” and some were under the weather.   As at Fringe, our music director/pianist was Stuart Weich.

We performed at Georgetown Visitation – a prep school for girls in the heart of the Georgetown neighborhoood of Washington, DC.  I think the show went great!  It was going to have to be an abbreviated performance anyway to fit into the school’s schedule.   And the girls at Georgetown Visitation seemed to enjoy every bit of it.  WHAT a great audience they were!

I sang “Signs” and “More Than Words” and was also part of the opening group number – a parody of “What’s the Buzz” from Jesus Christ Superstar.   After were were done, they kept us to ask questions – primarily for the Artistic Director, Suzie Richard (who has OI), and the other two performers (one with post polio syndrome and the other blind) because the focus of the program we were a part of was diversity and overcoming stigma.  

Oh!  And when we were done, they had an open mic for the students.  We got to hear the young lady who helped us get set in the theatre, Jasmine, do a super job playing the guitar and singing a Bruce Springsteen song (My City of Ruins?).  Another student read a very poignant original poem on the subject of diversity, stigma and disabilities.  And yet another just hopped up on the stage and started singing acapella.  Quite a talented bunch.  And a great experience.

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