So, as it turns out, May is “National Mental Health Month.”  I just found out.  I suspected as much since one of the Discovery channels has been advertising their “Psych Week” programming.   I think that’s awesome that there is a month dedicated to mental health awareness because it is a very important topic – something a lot of people don’t take the time to really appreciate until it’s too late.

Someone I know and love recently went through a barrage of difficult experiences.  We’re talking beyond just the 3 major stressers.  We’re talking mega hits to one’s life and emotions.  Unfortunately, they didn’t want to go get help in the wake of these events.  And – after a period – they ended up experiencing a psychotic break.  Now, of course, they’re receiving professional care.  But the break has created it’s own stress – for the individual in need and  for those of us who love and care about them. 

Looking for a way to express some of my own feelings, I turned to my guitar and ended up writing a song about a psychotic break.  It doesn’t judge; it doesn’t preach; it doesn’t tell people what to do;  it just tells a story (a fictitious story, by the way).  I didn’t think using exact events from someone’s life I care deeply about would be right (under these circumstances and without their permission), so I used fundamentals and basic truths from the events that occured for the basis of a new story.  Perhaps it can be a warning for those who hear it when I have the chance to perform it.  Actually, I don’t know how such a song is likely to be received.  Nonetheless, the song has the working title “World Of My Own.” 

Hopefully I’ll be able to record a “guerilla-style” version of this song sometime soon, and you can let me know what you think of it.  In the meantime, although I was early for May’s “National Mental Health Month” by a few days, April was “National Guitar Month.”  So I managed to celebrate that one right on time without even knowing I was doing it!  LOL

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