I know this sounds whack, but it’s the truth.  I have now gotten two song ideas during that in-between sleep and waking time in the a.m.  I’m in the throes of working on the first one currently.  And you’d think that as I was working on it some last night just before bed, maybe I’d dream about it or wake up today humming it.  Nope.

Instead, this morning I woke up writing a completely new song in my head.  I am NOT kidding.  I was working it through in my dream as I was waking.  Singing it in my dream.because – in my dream – I even had the major part of the refrain worked out.  Not surprisingly, the song is associated with some current life events.  So, of course, the topic was on my mind because I’m living through it.  But to find myself writing a song in my dreams about something I’m going through right now … that’s just wild.  For me.  Very cool, of course.  But wild!

I’m not claiming these are going to be chart toppers, by the way.  But I think they’ll both be pretty darn good songs in the end.  I know the one I’m working on now is a lot of fun.  And if I have fun writing it and performing it, I think audiences will probably have fun with it, too.

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