This is evidently a very new open mic and well worth dropping by for.  It’s at Old Fire Station No. 3 in Fairfax, VA and is hosted by the Stray Dogz band starting at 4:00 p.m. every Sunday.

I gotta tell you they had all the equipment you could ever need for an open mic available.  They were all very friendly.  And they were ready to play back-up for you if you wanted additional instruments.  Because I did all Joe Peck original tunes, I didn’t ask them to join me.  But they could easily have done so to be sure.

I sang my songs “Going Through The Motions,” “Your Eyes,” and “Two Left Feet” during my 15 minutes (which is what each open micer gets).  And to my relief, the songs were all well received.  Always nice when people don’t look at you numbly while you’re singing and playing your heart out.  There was even tapping of toes, etc. going on! 

Stray Dogz started us off with about a 20 minute set.  Good stuff – Nancy, Bill, Robb, Nelson, and Kyle do a great job.  Then the open micers were welcomed to the stage.  There was a nice assortment of people doing covers and originals, on acoustic and electric guitars, playing bass, playing drums and singing. 

If you enjoy an eclectic mix of tunes, this would be a great place for a Sunday evening dinner or happy hour.  And if you are in NoVa and are looking for open mics – you oughta try it out.

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