So … I hopped in my car to go to work today all packed and ready to hit a new open mic in Maryland this evening right after work.  Put the key in the ignition and … nothing. 

Called AAA for a jump – they responded very promptly.  I was impressed  We tried to jump it many times.  No go.  One tow truck later, my car is sitting at a very good and very busy garage waiting to be diagnosed.  Thank you, AAA, for being so quick and helpful.  In the meantime, I am not playing in any open mics tonight. 

Disappointment aside, I now have some additional down time to look at a few tunes I have on the back burner.  Songs only half begun but (at this stage, anyway) with lots of promise.  Or maybe I’ll just vegetate in front of the TV.  After all, I DO pay for cable.  LOL

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