Dropped in at the Open Mic at the Old Firestation No. 3 in Fairfax this past Sunday.  Had a blast.  

It was a busy night.  Plenty of folks there to play, and just as many there to hang and enjoy the music.  It was a very nice mix of genres, talents, etc.  Because I was a little late, I was on the list second to last.  So I had the opportunity to hear most of the evening’s offerings.  It was fun.  

There was also a birthday in the house, and they had a huge cake that they shared around with everyone there.  What a hospitable group! 

As before, the host band – The Stray Dogz – did a great job of getting me set up and plugged in for my 3-song set.  I did my own tunes again.  This time it was “World of My Own,” “Hole In My Pocket,” and “It’s Time To Go.”  I’m happy to report that I didn’t run anybody off during my set.  LOL  I’ll take that as a good sign. 

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