Last night I decided to venture into DC for an open mic.  I was surprised, actually, to find an open mic on a Friday night.  And that was the big draw for me.  To be able to play and sing in an open mic setting on a Friday evening.

Modern Times Coffeehouse

It’s called an open mic, but it’s actually a completely unplugged event that takes place in the Modern Times Coffeehouse on the lower level of the bookstore called Politics & Prose.  So, no mics and no amps.  Just the honest sound of instruments and voices.   I really enjoyed the evening.  We had just enough folks there to make it a lively and interesting mix, but few enough that we all got to perform three songs.   AND there was a spotlight performer as well (sans spotlight) – Alex Parez – who did a full 30 minutes of his tunes and had CD’s there for sale. 

As I was one of the later performers – going up right after Alex Parez – I got myself a nice big pot of tea and settled in to listen to the crew.  We even had a spoken word performer which was a nice addition.  My songs seemed to be well received despite the fact that my guitar went out of tune a bit for my last song.  It was my darned B string.

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  1. Nice blog entry! Great job on your songs, man. And many thanks for the shout out (no worries on misspelling my name, happens all the time, seriously!). Hope to see you and everybody there again!

    – Alex

    ps – yes yes, it’s always that dang “B” string I tell ya, every time!

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