Well, I suppose it was bound to happen at some point.  I have just begun narrating a romance novel by Joanna Bourne titled “The Spymaster’s Lady.” 

This is an historical fiction set in England and France during the Napoleonic era.  The main characters are British spymaster Robert Grey and French operative Annique Villiers (nicknamed Fox Cub by her peers, friend and foe), along with supporting characters such as British field operatives William Doyle and Adrian Hawks – not to mention the French Secret Police official LeBlanc and his henchman Henri Breval.

Here is an excerpt from the back cover:

… British spymaster Robert Grey must enter France and bring back the brilliant, beautiful – and dangerous – Fox Cub.  His duty is to capture her and her secrets for England.  When the two natural enemies are thrown into prison, they forge an uneasy alliance to break free.  But their pact is temporary and betrayal seems inevitable.  They flee, pursued every step of the way by ruthless authorities, caught in a net of secrets and lies.  As the fates of nations hang in the balance, Grey and Annique fight the passion that flares between them – forbidden, impossible, and completely irresistible …

I honestly didn’t expect to be tackling a romance novel.  Mostly because the protagonists in most such stories are women.  Thus, it seems more appropriate for the narrator to be female.  In this case, however, the story is written from both Annique’s and Robert’s perspectives.  And as much of the story takes place in France or has a “French connection,” my degree in French may have put me squarely in the crosshairs for this one.  That’s fine.  It’s a fun story and a nice break from the norm for me.

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