Returned to Front Page Arlington this past Tuesday to try out some of my new material on the crowd there.  You know, it’s good to get a sense of how an audience is going to react to your songs before it’s just you on the stage.  And I’m also trying to get used to all the additional activity going on while I’m performing in a restaurant/bar setting.

Anyway, there were more people there than before which always helps the performers.  But I think it was mainly a sports bar thing considering the number of eyes glued to various TV sets.  Even so there was also a hearty group of indefatiguable singers and musicians on hand to share their talents.  Host Brad Pugh again did a great job of keeping the evening moving along with an air of relaxed efficiency.  I’ll admit: I flubbed some of the lyrics on one song.  Nothing major, mind you, but a little stumble or two.  Still, that didn’t seem to stop those listening from actually enjoying both my tunes.  Whew!

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