Yes, I made it out to yet another open mic in the DC area [technically northern Virginia] last night at Tiffany Tavern in Old Town Alexandria.

They actually have open mics Mon – Thurs at the Tavern starting at 8:30 p.m.  Thursdays are run by Dan Cunningham who did a good job of getting people set up and was very generous with time for performers.  Given that many open mics limit the number of songs to just a couple, that would normally have been a good thing.  But I was second to last in the performance line-up, and I was on the Metro (subway) which doesn’t run all night. 

Even so I got to do 3 songs.  They were very well received.  In fact, I was only going to do 2 songs.  But Dan and the Tavern patrons insisted I stay and perform the third.  The crowd was very nice to all the performers – although very chatty with eachother during our songs.  It is a bar, after all!  I’ll definitely make it back at some point and try to get an earlier berth on the list.

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