Here’s an opportunity to help an artist get her music recorded and released.  If you’ve ever wanted to be a “patron of the arts,” this is a chance.  Here’s the link to her Kickstarter page –

This is what Wendy has to say about her project:

I’m recording my first solo EP Album! I’ve got the tunes, the producer/arranger (Michele Brourman), the musicians, and the studio all lined up. I just need one more thing: you. By making a donation here on Kickstarter, you’ll not only be a much loved and lauded patron of the arts, but you’ll also get some pretty nifty goodies.

The plan goes something like this:

Step One: Raise funds for recording through Kickstarter.

Step Two: Fly out to Los Angeles where my producer awaits, with musicians at the ready.

Step Three: Walk up to the microphone, and sing well

Step Four: Master, package, and release the EP.

You’ve got the easy part. Once the project is fully funded through Kickstarter, all you’ll have to do while we’re recording is relax. We’ll be sending you regular project updates and studio stories. Depending on your contribution level, you’ll also get a thank you prezzie or two (check those out to the right of your screen). If you refer a friend, you’ll both get an extra bonus gift.

There is one catch. Kickstarter is all-or-nothing funding. This means that if not enough people pledge by the deadline, no money changes hands. So, any help you can give me in spreading the word will be gratefully accepted. And greatly appreciated!

I look forward to sharing my music with you!

I got to see the Wendy-Michele team perform last time Wendy was in DC at Blues Alley.  They were great.  This should be a quality project, indeed!

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