OK.  I’m going to have to head out of town in a couple of months just prior to a performance.  Obviously, I want to take my guitar along so I can rehearse while I’m away.  I’m flying.   I thought it wouldn’t be any trouble – check my acoustic guitar and carry on my clothes, etc.

NOT!!  I double checked the airline’s baggage rules and found out that the guitar is “oversized” luggage.  It can’t be put in the overhead and it will cost me $100 EACH WAY to check it.  WTF!?!?!?! 

Has anybody else run into this situation?  What were you charged?  Does anyone have a creative solution to this situation?  Are there airlines that are more generous relative to musical instruments?  It’s not like my ticket was $49 each way like you see in all those ridiculous ads. 

I can’t believe they want me to pay that much more for an item as common and as easy to deal with as a guitar.  It isn’t overweight which I thought was the majore issue with add’l baggage – more fuel used thus more cost to the airline to carry.  I was willing, even, to pay the one checked bag fee (which seems a bit like a fleecing already).  But this is a total rip-off.

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