Indeed, sometimes it is the little things that mean the most.  For instance, if you’ve been reading the blog you know that I had some serious flat tire trouble awhile back.  What I haven’t yet shared is that I was able to single-handedly remove the flat and put on the spare – once I got the spare pumped back up after having itself deflated over time just sitting in the trunk unused.

As an avowed city-dweller, this kind of self-reliance is not exhibited or encouraged by many of my neighbors.  Still by some fluke of nature and chance, I’d never been in a situation where I needed to change a tire.  And I decided to tackle the project myself.

I probably looked like an idiot to any overly curious fellow city apartment dwellers as I toiled in the parking lot.  Mostly because I had the car’s manual with me and referred to it each step of the way.  But wait!  The jack was a special make that fit perfectly into a special notch on the car and it had a special crank, etc.  So, it was pretty much necessary to read the directions.  I know!  When do I ever do that otherwise?  But I didn’t want the car to come crashing down on my foot or an arm or some such. 

And much to my utter amazement everything went by the book – literally.  I couldn’t have asked for an easier first tire change experience.  It helped that the tire lost it’s integrity in the parking lot rather than in the middle of the road.  Even so, I feel pretty darned good about having completed the task in a fairly short amount of time all by my little lonesome. 

Like I said: sometimes it’s the little things!

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