Yes, that title is a little silly.  But it’s about a serious subject. PR for the emerging artist.

My friends and folks who drop by this blog will know that I did a show – along with Tom Nichols, Dan Chadburn, and Holly Montgomery – at the Bethesda Theatre on June 17.  Little did I realize that we were the last act booked into the venue before it went to auction due to financial problems.  Now, we weren’t the reason for that, of course!

For us, they were great.  I got to perform two shows there over the past year, and both were good experiences.  They were nice, helpful, and accommodating .  And their performance space was attractive and flexible.  What’s not to like?  They even put the performer’s name out on the old-style marquis in front of the theatre. 

And here is the free PR tie-in.  You see, being the last act to play the venue, our names are still up on the marquis — right now!  I have had more people stop me, text me, email me, etc. to say they saw my name on the marquis.  How awesome is that?  I can only hope that next time all these people see my name on a flyer or an online event announcement that they’ll all come out to see the show. 

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