August heat has been unbearable in the DC/Baltimore region.  Much warmer than in recent years.  And I’m afraid it has melted more than just ice cubes and asphalt. 

Unfortunately, we’ve had to postpone the performance of “A World Of My Own” that was scheduled for this Saturday, August 21, at Germano’s Trattoria.  It’s a shame, really.  It’s a great show.  We were rehearsed and ready. 

At least it wasn’t postponed because I suddenly went out and shaved my head (because that’s pretty much the way my hair is all the time).  In fact, it wasn’t for any of the sensational reasons you see the celebrities using.  It was due to “circumstances beyond our control.”  And, truly, that phrase applies.

So … join us for the next performance.  Check back soon for that announcement.  And don’t forget to head on out to Germano’s any night you have a hankering for Italian food.

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