I was recently offered the opportunity (as no doubt were thousands of other MySpace users) to update my MySpace page to their new beta format.

They have a number of pre-designed pages/themes you can use, but none of them really worked for me.  So I had to design my own theme.   And that took me a bit of back and forth with their design program/helper – in part because it kept getting stuck or frozen while I was making changes.  And then I was challenged to work out some html code to use for getting my name up on the top of the page rather than just in small print farther down.  But after multiple sessions with the thing and some code research, I am happy to say that my MySpace page is (basically) refurbished.  I still have some minor tweaks to make (mostly to little bits of content that was affected by the transition), but overall I think it looks pretty good.  It definitely looks better than it did before. 

Check me out RIGHT HERE

Anybody else make the upgrade recently?  Did you have the same “sticking” or “freezing” problem I ran into?  Are you happy with the new look?  What do you think of my page’s new look?

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