Well, it’s official.  I am now a recognized and copyrighted songwriter.  Sweet!

I have a whole load of songs that have been submitted – in fact, everything I’ve written so far.  And understanding that the Copyright Office is a busy place that gets loads of submissions on a daily basis, I expected mine to take the full 9 months average they quote on their website, if not more.  But they were awesome and got my first batch done much more quickly.  I received the notice today.

Ain’t that grand?  I think so.  And now I have even more reason to get these outstanding tunes published in some way, shape or form.  Yes, the next hurdle.  Aside, of course, from getting them heard in public by booking gigs for me to perform them.  Since I have a couple of gigs lined up, I suppose we’ll call that a successful effort.  But I’m always looking for more!

Again, my thanks to Marybeth Peters, Register of Copyrights, and her amazing staff!

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