Made it to yet another open mic in the DC area this past Friday.  This one is hosted by Dale Potter and is part of the SAW (Songwriters Assn. of Washington) group of open mics around the area. 

Dale did a great job of making everyone feel welcome and providing technical support where necessary.  He was using one of those cool portable PA systems and a direct box for guitar plugin.  I thought it was great – expecially since we were out on the very large and pleasant patio of the Caribou Coffee off Norbeck Road. 

It was a full evening, but not overly crowded with performers (as sometimes happens at our local open mics).  And there were some folks there just to listen – esp. a good-sized crowd of teenagers there to hear a talented young fellow named Jacob (whose father, Larry, also performed). 

This one starts around 7 p.m. the first two Fridays of every month (only the first two Fridays) at 5562 Norbeck Road in Rockville, MD.  Preference is for original music, but some covers were played as well.  And let me give a shout out to Patrick Wagner for trekking out there to be my fan base of one at a new venue.

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