I’m new to SAW – the Songwriter’s Association of Washington – and am impressed with the amount of events, activities and resources they make available to their members.  As a fairly new songwriter myself, I was particularly excited about a session I’d heard touted by other SAW members – the SAW Song Exchange.  The Exchange was an opportunity for songwriters to share their works in progress and receive feedback from their peers regarding any aspect of the song presented.  Both encouraging and helpfully insightful (aka constructively critical), I was told. 

However, the Exchange – in that form – is no more.  DC-area artist, singer, songwriter Kevin Dudley has been kind enough to take the reins beginning today.  With the change in sponsor comes a change in format to a tripartite session.  Each week will highlight a guest artist who will share a few of his or her songs and discuss the writing process – challenges, inspirations, development of themes, etc. – lyrics and music.  Next comes an abbreviated presentation/feedback session of only 6 songs.  And the final component is a presentation regarding a specific songwriting tool.

Today the Songwriter’s Toolbox had marvelous guest artist Mark Austin sharing his music and thoughts with us.  He’s very gifted.  Check him out at www.markaustinguitar.com.   The songwriting tool we discussed was “sense writing.”   If you’re a SAW member, check the SAW calendar at www.saw.org for future dates.

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