Not literally.  Perhaps “singin’ in spite of the rain” is a more apt description for what I did last night.

But I did have to get myself and my equipment out to P.Brennan’s in the rain to play and sing all night.  Happily, I didn’t have to go it alone.  Admittedly, the crowd was smaller than it might have been (as evidenced by the numerous emails I received) because of the rain.  Even so, there were plenty of folks to share my original tunes and covers with. 

Of course, I have to recognize a few people for taking the time and effort to make an appearance during the night – Wayne Kemp, Arthur Roach, and Patrick Wagner, especially.  Also, I was amazed to see my former stage wife and good friend, the beautiful and talented Katie Nigsch Fairfax, come strolling in late in the evening with a posse of friends on a “girls night out.”  How awesome was that?! 

P.Brennan’s was great.  Very nice staff, friendly patrons [generous tippers, too], good food and drink, and a really great physical “space” as they say.  Seriously, it’s a bright and cheery Irish Restaurant/Pub – with plenty of tables, a huge bar, tons of beer on tap, and multiple dart boards.    If you are in the DC area and haven’t dropped by, I recommend it.  Music is good, too, by the way.

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