So, I was working on some lyrics tonight.  I’ve got a new song project that I’m very excited about.  One of the words I was looking to rhyme was “weekend.”  It just happened to be part of a verse in which food was mentioned – breakfast foods, in particular.  Anyway, I swear I came up with a working lyric using the word “piquant” to rhyme with weekend.  HA!  I wrote it, read back through it, and laughed out loud.

I couldn’t leave it that way, of course.  If I were writing art songs or something a bit more erudite — sure.  But my songs tend toward the pop, folk rock, and country genres.  Certainly, I don’t think those genres are for the uneducated by any stretch (remember, I’m writing and listening to those genres – lol)  But I just don’t think the word “piquant” has the same straightforward punch that tart our sour or bitter might have.  Of course, none of those words rhymes with weekend! 

Maybe I was still remembering the cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving dinner….

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