I’ve mentioned my work as an understudy/swing for the outstanding production of Candide at The Shakespeare Theatre right now in previous posts.  As a swing, I don’t go on unless somebody is unable to for whatever reason – laryngitis, stuck in a blizzard, etc.  And so far I haven’t been on (but we just officially opened on 12/7). 

However, I will be going on today in a rehearsal.  It’s actually a put-in rehearsal to prepare a couple of other understudies to go on for some future performances.  As it turns out, one of the actors I’m covering is unable to be at this put-in, so I’m going to go in and do his track in rehearsal.  Not quite the same as going on with an audience, but still an exciting little challenge given the complexity of this particular show.   Woo hoo!  So, as my post title says, I’ll be putting out for the put-in.

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