Well, the time has come.  I am finally going to begin recording a CD.  Before I hit the studio, of course, I need to find the right producer.

I have been in contact with a number of producers in my area, and I have meetings set up with three to discuss my project, my songs, and my vision.  Most important to me is finding someone who has a creative mind and can hear my music for what it can be not just what I have in my demos. 

I do have a general idea of what I want the finished product to sound like.  But I’m open to a producer’s expertise – no doubt.  Already in my conversations on the phone I’ve been given my homework — finding a known artist that I sound like and a CD that has the kind of production value I’m interested in achieving.  The second assignment is easy.  The first can be hard to discern sometimes for a singer himself because he’s mostly hearing it from the inside.  That’s where I could use  your help.

Anybody have ideas on who I sound like?  We’re talking vocal qualities not the musical genre, here.  You know, I could sound like Garth Brooks (minus the country inflections) even if I’m singing a Sinatra tune.  You can find some of my own songs and some videos of cover tunes on my website at www.joepeck.net.  Have a listen, please,and hit me up with your thoughts on the matter.  It’d help me a lot.

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