Yes, we’ve begun!  I had a pre-production meeting with producer Marco Delmar to discuss my CD project.  We’ve agreed not to rush through this, so we are going to begin with 3 of my songs. 

Of course, one of those songs will be the tune that received Honorable Mention from the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest — Your Eyes.  That being a sweet love song, we’ll add a harder-edged rock/pop tune and an alternative rock tune to the first recording sessions.  Um, yes, I wrote them all.  I never said I didn’t have broad musical tastes!!  Nevertheless, we think that’ll give us a good basis on which to build the rest of the CD.   Get those right, and we can move ahead from there.

It feels a bit weird to say it, but I’m going to have to schedule some studio time!  Wait … Weird?  No, it feels AWESOME to say it!!!

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