I’m very excited!  I recently purchased a new guitar — my first acoustic-electric. 

Since this is my first acoustic-electric, I decided to set a reasonable price limit of $500 for myself.  That helped me narrow my research to find the best guitars up to that price.  I did a lot of reading online – plenty of opinions out there.  And then I went to my local retailers to play some of the particular guitars I’d identified as candidates to see what they actually sounded like.  In fact, I played quite a few for comparison’s sake.  LOL 

I finally got it narrowed down to 3 guitars – one at $500, one marked down to $290 (from much higher), and the Fender at $300.  Then I narrowed it down to two and played those through the amp my local Guitar Center had set up for just that purpose.  In the end, it was the sound of the guitars and the shape of the neck that made the difference for me.  I picked the Fender because it resonated with more bass than the other two while maintaining plenty of good brightness in the highs.  Also, the neck was closer in shape and size to the Yamaha I currently play (using a sound hole pickup for gigs and open mics); thus, the adjustment from one instrument to the other won’t be as great.  And the unplugged sound of the Fender is also more consistent with my Yamaha.

Which Fender did I pick?  This one — Fender CD140SCE 

I know I won’t be wowing anybody with my cool high-end guitar next time I hit the stage.  But that shouldn’t really be anybody’s goal.  Yes, you can tell the difference between a $2000 guitar and a $200 guitar – in sound, in feel, in electronics (if it’s got ’em).  For my first foray into the acoustic-electric realm, though, I couldn’t be happier with my Fender CD140SCE.

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