When you’re doing a CD of all original works, it gets tricky deciding which among your own compositions should be included in the project.   After all, which of us can easily take an objective view of his or her own creations? 

That’s why I’m glad to have found a seasoned producer like Marco Delmar who can listen to the songs, hear each song’s potential, identify a song’s strengths and weaknesses, and make recommendations based on his ear (musical judgement), experience, and understanding of the music-listening public.  I’ll be honest: some of my songs are written strictly with the intention of performing them live.  I don’t anticipate recording any of those for the CD.  A few of them are basically jokes set to music.  Maybe some day I’ll record an entire CD of just funny songs.  Not this time!

We’re very close to our first studio session, so we have to decide on a small group of songs to work on that day.  Which ones?  Well, I know we’ll have “World Of My Own” in the first group.  And probably “Arielle’s Song.”  And then  …  well, we’ll see.

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