Phew!  Well, I got the first recording session for my debut CD under my belt.  We laid down the bass and drums for almost half the songs for the CD (Well, four). 

We were at Recording Arts in Fairfax.  Of course, Marco Delmar was there at the helm with the producer’s hat on.  And doing an excellent job on bass and drums were Barry Warsaw and Andy Hamburger, respectively.  Each a performer and recording artist in his own right, Andy and Barry lent their talents diligently and with zeal.  I can’t thank Andy and Barry enough for the great work they did and the patience they exercised with a neophyte in the studio.  Hey!  My songs don’t sound half bad!!  LOL

Now if only the old adage “beginning is half done” were really true!   We’ve got plenty more to do on these tracks as well as getting the rest of the songs done.  Still, you just might see a single released in advance of the album.  So stay tuned!!

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