Recording sessions continue on my upcoming debut CD.  As this is my first CD, it’s all a learning experience.  And I have to say that I’m learning quite a bit.

Right now I’m focusing on instrumentation for each song.  Of course my producer has plenty of thoughts in that regard.  Even so, I find myself humming my tunes and imagining different instruments playing on them — trying them out in my mind’s eye (or ear).  Trying them out for real just for fun would get a little expensive.  You know, I do PAY the musicians.  Everyone except myself, of course.  LOL

And that was what our most recent session was all about … adding my guitar to the mix.  I’m looking forward to hearing how that sounds now with what we already have.  It’s exciting, of course.  But there is so much MORE to do because we want this CD to be the best damned indy debut CD possible. 

BTW, I’m pretty certain I have a title now.  Gonna wait another day or two to mull it over just a bit more before sharing.  It’s a good one, though.  A REALLY GOOD title.  You’ll see!!  Check back soon for the announcement.

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