I realize that I said I’d report less often about my Copyright Registrations as I get more of them under my belt.  And I am, but ….  Since this was a single song registration, I thought this one might be interesting to some of my fellow songwriters. 

To register this one song, I followed the same online registration process per the online instructions at the Copyright Office’s website (eCO) using a home recording of the song for submission.  Once again, the cost was $35 payable online.  And the entire procedure took just a few minutes (maybe 10).

As I may have mentioned before, you fill out the online forms first.  The forms are pretty straightforward, but there is helpful explanatory material available online if you are unsure about a particular item on any of the pages.  And they give you a chance to review all the form data before moving on.  Additionally, you can stop where you are and save the info to come back to if you want to take additional time to make sure you understand what you’re being asked for before completing your submission.  But once you do complete the forms, you are bounced to another government website to submit payment.  Next they transfer you back to the Copyright Office to upload your “deposit” – in this case the home recording of my song in an .mp3 file.   And they are good about giving you confirmation emails about your submission, payment and file upload.

This time it took from December 8, 2010 till March 31, 2011 to complete the process — from online submission to my receipt of the Copyright Registration Certificate in the mail.  Given the huge volume of submissions they handle, I think this was amazingly fast.  Given that this song will be making it onto the CD I’m recording right now, I’m very glad to have the certificate in hand!

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