I recently completed narration of the fiction thriller Final Theory by Mark Alpert.  I have to say that I would never have thought you could create so much suspense, excitement and murder out of a few mathematical equations.  But that is exactly what Mark Alpert has done in his  Final Theory.

The plot of the book rests on the premise that Einstein did actually manage to solve the puzzle of the Einheitliches Feldtheorie which would basically be the holy grail for physicists – a theory that explains just how the universe works and all it’s fantastic mysteries.  From black holes to quarks to antimatter, etc., this theory would tie it all up in a package with a bow. 

But it’s hidden.  Not surprisingly, there are several folks interested in finding it — at all costs.  That’s because, as with almost any major scientific breakthrough, you can do lots of good knowing the Einheitliches Feldtheorie or you can do lots of damage with it.  Then along comes our unsuspecting hero —  David Swift — a former physics major who has become a college professor teaching and writing books about the history of science because he just didn’t have the makings of a true physicist.   (It was the math that did him in.)  As former assistants to Dr. Einstein begin suddenly dying out – with a little help from a suspected terrorist  – Swift is given a key that will unlock the mystery of the Einheitliches Feldtheorie and told to protect it.  And just like that … he and those around him are suddenly beset with all kinds of intrigue and mayhem.

I won’t give the whole story away here.  Suffice it to say that I enjoyed the book.  If you like a lot of action mixed with your scientific theories (not to mention ex-wives, former girlfriends, the FBI, elite military squads, and more), you’re going to have a good time reading this book.  If you haven’t already read it, I’d say this could definitely be a good book for the beach or sitting by the pool in summer 2011.

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