You know, I can’t say enough good things about the open mic at Iota.  Sure, it gets crowded with participants.  Yes, sometimes we can only play one song each to accommodate all the performers.  But have I mentioned how welcoming the guys that run it – Todd & James – are?  How they work to get the mix right for each act that hits the stage?  And where else is there a pretty regular crowd of people who come just to hear the performers (aside from our friends we cajole into showing up)?  And it’s an encouraging crowd – no matter what your skill level is as a singer, songwriter or performer.  It’s like an awesome little musical laboratory that serves beer.

Now, I’ve only been going down there for a year trying out my new stuff.  So this past week I went to the Iota open mic with the intention of airing a rearranged version of one of my original songs.  I have changed the time signature and given it a different “groove” – for lack of a better word.  James – one of the hosts – was kind enough to sit in with me on percussion for the song to help establish that groove.  And … it could not have gone better!  Seriously, it could NOT have gone better.  I call that experiment a success!!  Thank you, James, Todd & Iota.

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  1. I love Open Mics – they’re great for trying out new stuff, and a fab opportunity to meet other musicians. Don’t know where I’d be today without them!

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