There is SO much to do when pulling together an album like “In The City Lights.”  Of course, without good music all the rest is just so much busywork.  But even with good music, it’s a lot of busywork.  lol

Today I got to do a photo shoot with the goal of finding a picture or two to use on the CD packaging and in promo materials.  I worked with a relatively new photographer in Virginia named Chuck Roberts.  Chuck is a good friend and colleague of my good friend Tosia Shall with whom I’ve had the pleasure of doing several shows.  I like working with people you know instead of just calling somebody up cold.  And Chuck has been to some of my solo shows, so he’s familiar with my music as well as being a good guy. 

We did our shoot using natural light – aka outdoors.  Even though it was a hot and muggy one around here today, it was fun.  I can’t wait to see the photos!!

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