With the new single out, I’m trying to get the song played while I continue working on finishing the CD.   Seriously, I am not a PR agency or a record company.  Thus my single now languishes in the inbox of many radio station music directors.  But, hey, I’m a singer/songwriter/perfomer just trying to make good music.

Enter podcasts.  Well, 2 podcasts so far.  “In The City Lights” has been accepted for play on 2 podcasts and is under consideration by a few others.  One of the 2 that has indicated their excitement about sharing the “In The City Lights” single with their listeners is syndicated and rebroadcast … drumroll … on radio stations.  Yeeha!!!  I’ll post more info about the podcasts and stations when the song goes live with them.  It may be a couple of weeks or so, but I’m in the pipeline!

I am so psyched!    Like the post title says: “Thank goodness for podcasts!”

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