SAW is the Songwriters’ Association of Washington.  Helmed by President Jean Bayou, SAW is an active representative for it’s many songwriter members in the greater DC area – especially helping them learn, grow and showcase the great songs they’ve written.

Yesterday, SAW’s Annual Meeting, Community Day and Open Mic, was no exception.  The day was filled with opportunities, including workshops such as “Expanding Your Chord Vocabulary” with Kevin Dudley, Karl Straub’s “Melody Workshop,” “Steps to Radically Changing Your Vocals” by Tom Saputo, and “Speed Networking” hosted by Blake Althen and Paula Bellenoit.  There was a dinner followed by the Annual Meeting, and to cap it all off an open mic with a special performance by Katherine Thorsey, the Grand Prize Winner in last year’s Mid Atlantic Song Contest.  

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get to the goings-on till late in the day.  But from what I saw, it was a great day for songwriters.

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