Yeeha!  My song “In The City Lights” has just gone live on the Pollyanna Cowgirl Records Podcast.  It’s PCRP58 – A Brand-New Manual.  Guess what?  My song is number one on the playlist!!!   Use this link to scoot on over for the show which is also available on iTunes. 

Don’t be fooled by the name.  This isn’t a podcast of country western tunes — not even close!!  This particular offering is more alt. pop than anything else.  I’m quite proud to be included in the playlist.  Tony Pucci (he can be found at is the DJ who shares an eclectic collection of tunes that provide for a fun and interesting listening experience.  If listening from, just navigate down the page below the playlist where you’ll find the player tool (NOT the one at the top right of the page).  There are also links for .mp3 download, etc. 

Everyone get on over there to take a listen.  And, of course,


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