Although I don’t generally blog every time I attend an open mic, I felt I should definitely post once again about the great acoustic open mic at Modern Times Cafe in the Politics & Prose bookstore on Connecticut Ave in DC.  Why?  Well, because host Maureen Nelson was kind enough to recognize this blog when I performed there last night, of course!

As always, Maureen and Modern Times provide a congenial atmosphere that encourages lots of participation from musicians, poets, comedians, etc. every Friday night.  Last night was no exception.  There were plenty of talented folks offering up their art in this cocoon for creativity.  We had, of course, many singer/songwriters, performers sharing their renditions of cover tunes, a comedian, a cellist, then a cello/guitar duet, and more.  Adrian Hardkor Krygowski took a turn center stage, and the talented Ryan Lane – singer/songwriter, Navy corpsman and Iraq veteran – was the guest artist.  Even the audience was full of talent, including Star FK Radium guitarist Bill Martien, often a performer at Modern Times and many other venues locally and across the country.

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  1. Word up!!! I, too do LOVE the open mic and our fantabulous host Miss Maureen Nelson and all the folks who work at the Modern Times Coffeehouse at The Politics and Prose bookstore in DC!! Such a great venue and such a wonderful open mic full of the most incredible people. I really dug hearing Ryan Lane’s originals and everybody else’s tunes, too, including yours of course!! As always, you and everybody there sounded great and I can’t wait to get back and play at the open mic at The Modern Times Coffeehouse again soon!! Great write up, Joe!! Hope to see you out there again soon, man!!

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