As those who have read this blog before know, I’m fairly new at writing songs seriously.  I’ve been at it about a year and a half.  Previously I’d written a couple of tunes, but had mostly been performing and interpreting music written by others.

As a new songwriter, I figured it’d be good to learn from others wherever I can.  That’s why I joined the Songwriters Association of Washington (SAW) and have attended a number of their workshops and events.  Recently, the SAW Songwriter’s Toolbox workshop covered the subject of co-writing.  Something I’ve been seeing on that Bravo TV show “Platinum Hit” hosted by Jewel.  It looks kind of messy and even frustrating at times – but the payoff seems intriguing.

Anyway, at the SAW Toolbox they discussed co-writing.  We had an award-winning co-writing team (Janine Wilson and Max Evans) play some of their songs and describe their process as co-writers.  And THEN we were paired up and given the task of brainstorming jointly – just brainstorming.   Now that was an interesting process.  Perhaps I lucked out, but my session partner and I came up with enough material that we are now working on TWO songs from the same kernel of inspiration. 

I figure the session was meant to be a songwriting exercise, so we may as well get as much exercise as we can from the experience!   I’m really looking forward to getting the songs written, and we’re making progress.  They are both about the same subject, but they are in different musical styles and will very likely tell disparate stories on the same theme.  Hopefully, I’ll have more to share soon.  I’m psyched!

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