This past Saturday I had the opportunity to perform for a local cable entertainment show.  The show’s producer, Rick Dash, does a number of entertainment-related productions for the Arlington independent access channel under the Rick Dash Presents brand.

The production we taped was the inaugural episode of an entertainment-focused show highlighting local talent.  The host is DJ Nose -” the best and most versatile DJ in the area” – who does a great job serving up the guests he has lined up to share with area audiences.

Although my drum and bass players were unable to join me, I played and sang to backup tracks culled from the work on the CD.  The songs I performed were “In The City Lights” and “World Of My Own.”  As soon as I have some video or know when the show is airing, I will let everybody know. 

It was great fun.  The folks were awesome – Rick Dash, DJ Nose, the other very talented guest Shanelle (I hope I’m spelling that right!) and the entire crew at Arlington Independent Media.  Can’t wait to see the show!!!

And … I almost forgot.  Huge shout-out and thanks to Heather Curcio Saladino who made the early Saturday morning taping on one of the hottest days of the year.  You rock, Heather!!

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