First, I know I’ve been away from this blog for a few weeks.  Sorry.  Just been a busy time.  But I DID feel I should post about this bee sting because it was the FIRST TIME I’d ever been stung by a bee. 

How did it happen?  Look, I was merely hanging out with friends at an outdoor market/fair.  We had just finished having some BBQ and were chatting about what to do next when I felt something at my left arm.  Naturally, I moved my arm and suddenly … pain.  Immediately, I knew I had been stung.  I scraped the stinger out and watched as the area around it began to swell.

I didn’t think I was allergic because when I was a kid I was allergic to a host of things and bees were never included on my list.  I even got allergy shots regularly – twice a week.  Yeah, that was fun.  But back to the sting … after recognizing my situation, I just went back to spending time with my friends.  Yes, it HURT, but the swelling didn’t get  bad.  And I assumed the pain would subside eventually.  And it did.  Within an hour all was OK.

HOWEVER, just over 24 hours later,  that area of my arm suddenly turned splotchy bright red.  It also ached and itched ever so slightly.  It took another 3 days for that redness to begin to subside.  I was literally planning to get myself to a doctor, but I woke up that morning and the redness was waning.  The red area eventually turned into what looked like a light bruise and then dissipated completely.  So, basically, it was just about a week for things to be back to normal.

If that is what a bee sting is like normally, then I would hate to imagine being stung more than once at a given time.  Of course, I didn’t expect the bee sting to be fun.  It is called a sting not a tickle.  And it met my expectation on that account.  But it was really weird (and fascinating) to think everything was over only to be faced with new unexpected “stages.” 

For my part, I’m glad the weather is cooling.  No more outdoor markets with errant bees buzzing about!

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