Even as we wind up work on my debut CD — yes, I’m STILL working on that (lol) — I’ve happily continued to be inspired to write new songs.  Of late, there have been a couple of pretty darned good ones, if I do say so myself.  And it isn’t just my own self-deluded, narcissitic brain that thinks so.  I’ve had the opportunity to introduce the new tunes in performance situations, and they both have received thumbs up from listeners.

The first is called “Back To You” and is just a really nice love song.  It’s a pretty uplifting little ditty which makes it a lot of fun to play.  The second is almost like a sad Irish folk tune.  Titled “Faded Glory,” you might be able to imagine what the song is about without even hearing the lyrics.  While neither of these songs will make it onto the album, I will be playing them in my live sets around town.  Come on out and have a listen when you can.

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