It’s done!  Not without some difficulty, I might add.  But I did submit a song to the contest being held via Nashville Arts Magazine for a theme song to the 2012 Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival. 

Did I say difficulty?  Yes!  Actually, the songwriting wasn’t as difficult as I thought it might be for a song “to order,” so-to-speak.  I’m sure that’s partially lucky happenstance due to my own life experience.  You see, I have been to a number of Cherry Blossom Festivals in the Washington, DC area and seen the amazing display of cherry trees in bloom around the tidal basin there.  In addition, I have family in Tennessee and have spent a fair amount of time in and around Nashville.  After doing a little more digging regarding the fairly new Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival, I had a decent well of inspiration from which to draw.

The difficulty came from a) nasty cold germs; and b) technological challenges.  In the first case, I came down suddenly and violently with a nasty cold that left me barely able to speak much less sing for over a week.  Of course, that was just when I had planned on recording the song I’d written for submission.  Not good!!  And then I had to travel — with the cold — on business.  I dragged along my laptop and a mic just in case and was able to get a fairly un-phlegmy version recorded (albeit a poor quality recording) just before the deadline.  And THEN, I couldn’t get online to accomplish the submission.  It was as if I had done something to anger the techno-gods.  Or maybe they were testing my resolve.  In any case, where there is a will ….   

The folks at Nashville Arts Magazine were very helpful and understanding.  They took my payment info by phone so that all I had to focus on was finding a way to get the darned song to them.  Eventually, I did.  It took another day to do, but it was accomplished.

In the end, I think I did a pretty good job on writing the song.  It’s titled “We’ve Got Friends,” and it highlights the importance of friendship and the reflection through the beauty of nature of the good things people can do if they try.  I also threw in some references to Tennessee and Japanese culture.  Do I expect to win?  Well, it is a contest in Nashville, TN – Music City U.S.A – home to one or two professional songwriters.  I have no doubt a few of them have entered.  Probably many of them.  So, I don’t expect to win.   But hope does spring eternal.  And I’m proud of the tune I wrote.  While I’d love to win, I know that I did good work.  And that will keep me writing songs.

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